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sestdiena, 2014. gada 16. augusts

Understanding Your 401k Plan

Understanding your 401k plan and taking advantage of it as much as possible will allow you to reach your goals for a comfortable retirement. Since Social Security checks are usually not enough to maintain a certain standard of living, many employers need extra security when it comes to retirement. If your employer offers 401k plans then you can use this to its full potential to maximize your earnings.
401k plans will differ from employer to employer according to their specific requirements. In order to get the most out of your plan you should understand exactly how it works. Ask questions such as how much of your salary you can contribute, how much your employer will contribute, how long you have to work for the company to be eligible for your contributions and so on.
You should always know how often any earnings are added to your account. It is preferential to have your earnings added as often as possible, and you should be able to access your account by methods that suit you and probable the best one is Fidelity 401k
However, 401k plans are not insured by the government, which means that your investments could potentially be at risk. The risk all depends on your investment, and if you invest in many different types of assets then you will be spreading the risk. If you need more information about Fidelity 401k options then it’s best to ask your plan administrator. There are also a number of resources and brochures that can teach you about various investment options out there

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