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Planning Your Retirement by Investing in Gold IRA

Investing and saving for the future is the hot topic these days. With debt at an all time high people are concerned about how their investments will pan out for their golden years. Many people hold an Individual Retirement Account but not everyone is aware of a major low risk investment they could be making.

Sometimes making investments feels like a game of dice, it can all change at a moments notice and a downward spiral means that you loose money. With the ups and downs of the economy and the average workers wage needing to go farther than ever before an investment needs to be hassle free, stress free and low risk. 

There are few companies that can boast stability in the current age and companies that have lasted for a hundred years can suddenly find themselves out dated and obsolete leaving all those who invested in stocks with less money than they invested. Even dot com companies are not immune to the rise and fall of fads and an internet company that is here today may be gone tomorrow. 
Major corporations who have one bad idea can loose an entire generation of purchasers and their stock plummets as a result.

So What is the Best Type of Investment?

What investors need is a diverse portfolio that includes an investment that is guaranteed to maintain its worth. An investment that is always in demand is a must for the modern investor, especially since the cost of living continues to increase. The extra security of a financially sound retirement is what gold offers to investors. There are few things that can offer the stability of investment that gold can.
More individuals are turning to gold to secure their retirement futures and sleeping easier at night for having chosen to invest in a commodity that never goes out of style. Whether it is gold bullion, gold coins, gold company stocks (bad idea), gold mutual funds (bad idea) or gold futures the recession proof investment is panning out for those who add it to their retirement portfolio.

Is a Gold IRA a Good Investment?

Gold IRA investments are tax exempt and gold is recession proof. Gold is gold and the value does not change much because of the nature of the precious metal. Once purchased the gold is yours. The government can not put your retirement future at risk by investing it elsewhere. Gold is solid and tangible and therefore can not be lost and because it is held in the IRS repository it can not be stolen. Gold proves itself to be a very conservative addition to any retirement investment account as it is always in high demand and that minimizes any risk to your investment by maintaining its value.

If you already own gold but it isn’t yet invested into your IRA you can roll it over hassle free and tax free. Your Gold IRA functions the same as a regular IRA account. There are no taxes on the gold you purchase and the gold is stored in an IRS depository until you reach the age of 59 1/2 years when the gold is then shipped out and you can sell it how and where you want.

With the internet an investor can research the many choices they have with regards to their gold purchase. This easy access to information also helps the investor to compare the pricing of their investment opportunities. When a decision is made the next step is to search for a reliable and time proven competent company to help with the Gold IRA process.

Choosing the right financial advisory service to help you with the set up or roll over of your current IRA to a Gold IRA account will be the hardest part of the whole process. Look for a company who have garnered the accolades of consumer reviews and peer companies, like Regal Assets

Make sure to check to see if the financial advisory and investment company is a certified Gold IRA company to be secure in the knowledge that the financial company you are dealing with has knowledgeable experience in the Gold IRA investment policies and practices. Always check with the Better Business Bureau to confirm that the business you are investing your hard earned money with is reputable. 

Read testimonials of those who have already had dealings with the company to find out if that company is right for your investment needs.

Retirement is an uncertain event in the lives of most people, by adding a Gold IRA investment to your current portfolio some of the uncertainty of your retirement future can be eliminated allowing you greater freedom to enjoy your life without the worry. 
With testimonials from such famous people as Alan Thicke, Dennis Miller and Lars Larson who highly recommend an investment in gold you can believe that a Gold IRA investment is one of the best ways to secure your financial future.

Take a look below at the video testimonial Alan has done for Regal Assets and don’t forget to request your free gold investment kit.

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